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104 Sommerfield Drive
Gordonsville, VA 22942
United States
BOSS Instruments, Ltd.
BOSS Instruments, Ltd. is a surgical instrument company which concentrates on the manufacture and continual development of specialty lines of instruments in the following areas: Ear, Nose, and Throat, General Surgery, Laparoscopy, Neurosurgery, Obstetric/Gynecology, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Plastic, Table Mounted Retractors, Vascular/Cardiovascular, and Bariatric.

Boss Instruments is constantly researching and innovating, bringing new products to market based on feedback from customers and key surgeons. Here are a few new and exciting products:
  • Minimally Invasive Retractor System [more]
  • MIS Cardiovascular Instruments [more]
  • New Cardiovascular Retractors [more]
BOSS has the most expansive Kerrison Rongeur offering on the market, which includes stainless steel, Panther (ceramic) coating and lengths ranging from 6" to 12". Additionally, BOSS has a broad selection of cervical and lumbar retractor systems for optimal exposure of all patient anatomies.

Spinal Retractor Systems
Boss Instruments offers the best selection of retractor systems for both cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine surgeries.
  • Image-Line Cervical Retractor System
  • Image-Trac Lumbar Retractor System
  • Anteater Microdiscectomy Retractor Systems
  • Minimally Invasive Retractor System
Table Mounted Retractor Systems
Boss Instruments offers the best selection of retractor systems for spinal, vascular, abdominal surgery.
  • Lobster "Wishbone"-style Retractor System
  • Workhorse "Bookwalter"-style Retractor System
  • Protean "Thompson"-style Retractor System

In a hurry? Frustrated by long hold times and endless automated attendants? Call Boss Instruments at 800-210-2677 and speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer service representatives for help by clicking here.


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BOSS Instruments, Ltd. | 104 Sommerfield Drive Gordonsville, VA 22942 United States | 800x-210x-2677
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