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967 N. Alternate A1A Ste. 1
Jupiter, FL 33477-3206
United States
Captiva Spine
Captiva Spine is a privately owned medical device organization founded in 2007. Captiva Spine designs innovative medical and surgical apparatus, appliances, devices and instruments to support spine surgeons, tenured spine distributors, and healthcare facilities.  We strive to provide patients with progressive spinal care devices with an obsessive focus on quality and we create and maintain sincere, honest, collaborative relationships. 

Valuing our relationships, above all else, fosters the mutual trust and openness needed for Captiva Spine to be a conduit of smart, elegant, and intuitive patient solutions. We consult with clients, providing valuable research information related to the design of our surgical devices and instruments. Captiva Spine operates as a family of industry professionals that take pride in delivering these solutions responsibly and ethically while never losing sight of what they refer to as the Human Factor: Finding the joy in their daily lives and serving the needs of their customers with sincere, professional enthusiasm.

Captiva Spine Strength Through Connections.



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Captiva Spine | 967 N. Alternate A1A Ste. 1 Jupiter, FL 33477-3206 United States | 561x-277x-9480
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