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Grundstrasse 12
Medmix Systems AG
Medical Mixing Systems

MEDMIX SYSTEMS AG is an ISO 13485 certified company which is developing and manufacturing mixing, delivery and application systems for multi-component biomaterial such as PMMA or calciumphosphate bonecement as well as fibringlue and tissue sealant.

MEDMIX is an OEM-manufacturer. The products do not contain any biomaterial and are delivered without CE mark. It is the responsibility of our customers to register the product with corresponding legal authorities.

Our high quality swiss made medical devices are used in orthopaedics, vertebroplasty, vascular surgery, wound care and for drug administration.

Customized Products

Our customer can rely on our know-how in developing two- and multi-component mixing systems. Our innovative engineering team is developing customized products on request.

ISO certified 13485:2003/AC:2009
Design and development, production and sale of multi-component mixing and application systems for medical use.

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Medmix Systems AG | Grundstrasse 12 Rotkreuz, | 4x-141x-798x-0680
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