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1775 West Oak Commons Ct
Marietta, GA 30062
United States
MiMedx Group, Inc.

Innovations in Regenerative Medicine Since 2006

MiMedx® is a biopharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and marketing regenerative biologics utilizing human placental allografts and patent-protected processes for multiple sectors of healthcare. " Innovations in Regenerative Medicine" is the framework behind our mission to provide physicians with products and tissues to help the body heal itself. MiMedx is the leading supplier of placental tissue allografts, having supplied over 1 million allografts for applications in the Wound Care, Burn, Surgical, Orthopedic, Spine, Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Ophthalmic and Dental sectors of healthcare.

Our flagship product, AmnioFix® dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane (dHACM) allograft, is uniquely processed through the Company’s patented PURION® Process, providing an easy to use, shelf-stable graft that modulates inflammation and offers barrier and surgical reconstructive properties for spinal procedures.

PURION® Process is the Foundation of MiMedx® Products

 The Company’s patent protected PURION® Process is the foundation of the MiMedx® AmnioFix® and EpiFix® products that serve to regenerate damaged or diseased tissues by delivering human extracellular matrix components, essential growth factors, and specialized mediating cytokines. AmnioFix® and EpiFix® modulate inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing. The Company’s proprietary PURION® Process dry preserves human amniotic membrane tissue, resulting in minimally manipulated tissue products that address numerous serious unmet medical needs requiring tissue regeneration or healing inside and outside the body. Through the Company’s unique process for dehydrating human amniotic tissues, improved clinical outcomes, increased patient quality of life, and reduced financial burden to the healthcare system are achieved.

MiMedx® obtains human amniotic membrane tissue that would otherwise be discarded through its placenta donation program. The "Give the Gift of Healing” placenta donation program allows mothers, delivering healthy babies by planned Caesarean section, to donate their placentas to MiMedx® which would otherwise be discarded by the hospital as medical waste. The MiMedx® staff and all of our resources are dedicated to handling, processing, and delivering the donated tissues to patients. The PURION®processed tissues are safe, effective, and minimally manipulated allografts that are intended for homologous use.

The MiMedx® allografts produced from the Company’s proprietary PURION® Process for amniotic membrane tissue can be stored at room temperature for five years without the need for refrigeration or freezing. The grafts can be utilized right out of the package without a complicated thawing process. These critical qualities of the MiMedx® allografts allow hospitals, clinics, and surgeons to immediately provide the appropriate treatment while effectively manage their inventory of allografts.

MiMedx® is dedicated to the development and support of thoughtful and effective philanthropic programs to help those in underserved medical areas in need of healing.

Visit our website: www.mimedx.com
MiMedx Group, Inc. | 1775 West Oak Commons Ct Marietta, GA 30062 United States | 1x-866x-477x-4219
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