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9 Forge Park
Franklin, MA 02038
United States
Tegra Medical

Tegra Medical is focused exclusively on precision machining and contract manufacturing services for the medical device industry, producing components and assemblies for leading edge surgical and interventional companies. As an end-to-end solutions provider, our services range from prototyping to full production, and from components to finished medical devices. We also meet the need for wire and hypotubing shipped overnight. Tegra Medical has 220,000 sq. ft. of modern manufacturing space in Massachusetts, Mississippi and Costa Rica.

We’re Focused on Medical Device Manufacturing

With over 20 years in contract medical manufacturing, Tegra Medical has the experience and proven quality to ensure that the devices we manufacture meet your highest standards. We focus exclusively on medical manufacturing, so we speak your language and understand your needs.

Our focus on medical device manufacturing gives our customers peace of mind. For example:
  • Our medical expertise means that we already know that a robust quality system is a must for manufacturing your devices. We'll ensure we pass all your tests because we mirror your quality and regulatory requirements. Tegra Medical uses an approved supplier list, has established proper controls and procedures to ensure raw material quality, and has implemented real-time SPC and process control plans to increase reliability and remove variation.
  • Our manufacturing expertise means that we understand how to machine and assemble all kinds of materials into the innovative devices you need. And when your needs "shrink,” we are experienced working with the smallest dimensions, such as getting wire down to 0.002” – smaller than a human hair.
We can work with whatever materials you need for your medical devices, including: stainless steel, Nitinol, cobalt chrome MP35N, titanium, clad materials (two or more alloys drawn together), precious metals; as well as polymers such as Radel, PEEK and PEEK-OPTIMA®.

Visit our website: www.tegramedical.com
Tegra Medical | 9 Forge Park Franklin, MA 02038 United States | 508x-541x-4200
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