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5381 South Alkire Circle
Littleton, CO 80127
3D Systems

The 3D Systems Healthcare group is partnering with the medical industry to drive the next generation of products and applications. 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technology enable new product innovation by accelerating the design process—bringing revolutionary medical devices to market faster than ever before.

Being at the forefront of advanced manufacturing, 3D Systems Healthcare is dedicated to continuously innovating our technology and processes so our partners can develop powerful new medical inventions, quickly and cost-effectively. Above all, the Healthcare group strives to use 3D printing and software simulations to improve patient outcomes and the human condition.

With our full ecosystem of software, technology, services, and professional consultation, 3D Systems is the top choice of the medical industry. Its world-class, FDA-registered, ISO 13485-certified facilities—located in both North America and Europe—provide valuable expertise in 3D printing, engineering, quality control, and regulatory requirements. 3D Systems Healthcare has helped industry leaders develop a diverse portfolio of groundbreaking precision healthcare applications and medical technology, manufacturing more than 600,000 medical device implants.

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Medical Device Design & Manufacturing

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Anatomical Modeling

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Virtual Surgical Planning

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Visit our website: www.3dsystems.com/healthcare
3D Systems | 5381 South Alkire Circle Littleton, CO 80127 USA | 720x-643x-1001
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