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5381 South Alkire Circle
Littleton, CO 80127
3D Systems

3D Systems is a pioneer for healthcare solutions that improve outcomes which benefit both patients and surgeons. Our global team works with customers to help navigate technologies and provide support for surgical planning, training, device design, personalized medical technologies and 3D printing. We are dedicated to helping medical professionals train for, plan and practice complex medical procedures.

3D printing technology is at an inflection point with the medical device industry rapidly adopting 3D printing technology. This allows the introduction of new products that are revolutionizing medical device design and manufacturing. 3D Systems is at the forefront of this partnership with the industry by enabling new product innovation for precision healthcare applications.

Two world class ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered facilities are strategically located in Denver, CO and Leuven, Belgium. These sites offer a wealth of experience in 3D printing, engineering, quality and regulatory requirement support.

Specializing in partnering with industry leaders to accelerate new product introduction to the Market, 3D Systems utilizes our own state-of-the-art printing platforms to develop and commercialize these Products. Our business model allows for a smooth regulatory and logistics transition in cases where a customer wants to purchase these printers for in-house manufacturing of the products.

3D Systems has manufactured more than 500,000 medical device implants for our partners. From the very first FDA cleared 3D printed titanium implant to development of the next generation of designs and 3D printing technology, 3D Systems has a proven track record and is the partner of choice for design and manufacturing. The state-of-the-art ProX® DMP 320 platform is used to provide best-in-class material properties and surface resolution for metal parts.

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Visit our website: www.3dsystems.com/healthcare
3D Systems | 5381 South Alkire Circle Littleton, CO 80127 USA | 720x-643x-1001
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